New Beginnings North Sober Living Home

New Beginnings North Program Rules

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​​​​​​​​​​​1.     No drugs or alcohol or fighting. Any knowledge or suspicion of same must be immediately communicated to the Manager and Owner.

2.     Must attend the one mandatory House Business Meeting per week and the three House 12 Step Meetings per week and donate one hour per week of service time to the House which will accrue. 

3.     In your first ninety days you must attend one meeting per day for first 90 days accompanied by a fellow Resident of the House.  After the ninety in ninety, you will be expected to regularly attend meetings with a minimum of five meetings a week, with no maximum.  After six months, you will attend a minimum of three meetings per week.  Upon arrival at a meeting you shall text to the Manager the meeting name & time along with the name of the Resident with whom you went or you will have a meeting sheet signed at the meeting by the Meeting Chair and submitted weekly to Manager at the weekly House Business meeting.  For the first 45 days, you agree to complete the daily planner on a daily basis and submit it each week at the House Business Meeting. 

4.     We require you to have a sponsor within one week of living here and maintain regular communication with said Sponsor. Minimum requirements for your selected sponsor is five years of sobriety and a minimum of two years prior experience sponsoring people. You must provide to the Owner, Patrice Coine, or to her Manager, the name and phone number of your Sponsor as soon as one is obtained or any time you change Sponsors.   We require any Sponsor you choose to be willing to give a lead at a House Meeting, speak with you daily for the first 45 days and at a minimum 3 times a week thereafter and meet with you in person weekly. 

5.     Curfew is 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 12:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Everyone must return to their floor of residence by curfew.  Lights out one hour after curfew.    Overnights outside of the house must be approved by Owner and are prohibited for the first 45 days unless permission is granted at your intake or in the event of an unforeseeable, unexpected life event.  

6.     Visitors are subject to Owner/Manager approval and visitation is limited to Monday through Saturday from 2:00 p.m. until dusk. Visitors are limited to a maximum of two people for a maximum period of two hours.  Visitation must take place in common areas only. 

7.     No lending or borrowing of money.  Taking any item from the house not belonging to you without the permission of the item's owner is prohibited and will result in you being barred FOREVER from the program. Even if it is a banana.   We have a strict and absolute zero tolerance for theft.

8.     You agree that your room and personal belongings may be inspected and rearranged at any time by Owner or Management.  You are required to be out of bed by 9:00 a.m. each day with your room ready to show and your daily chore completed by 10:00 a.m. 

9.     You agree that you are solely responsible for any money or property belonging to you and you assume sole responsibility for the loss or damage of any property belonging to you.   Before you will be allowed to bring any personal prescribed medications into the house, you must submit a list of all medications with prescribed dosages to Owner or Manager.  Please have this list prepared to tender upon arrival to the house.    Some medications may be required to be secured by management.  Any change in medication or dosages must be immediately reported to Owner or Manager on the day said changes are made.  All lockboxes may be inspected by Owner or Manager at any time.   

10.     You must do your chores as directed and as set forth in the Chore Description. You also agree to immediately clean any dishware you have used as well as clean any mess on the counters, stove, table, etc., in able to afford the next resident an opportunity to prepare and enjoy his meal. You agree to rinse and put all dishware you use in the dishwasher immediately after using them. After using the bathroom, you will make sure that the facility is clean for the next resident. Everyone must wipe down the shower walls when finished showering and wipe the counters and sinks dry after using the sink.  Absolutely no open food or open drinks are allowed in the bedrooms or common areas other than water.  All meals will be eaten at the dining table. You agree to maintain all rooms in the house, including bedrooms, in “show condition“ from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.  All chores are to be completed by 10:00 a.m.   The once weekly chore duty is to be completed on Sunday by 4:00 p.m.. 

11.     No resident is allowed in a bedroom not belonging to that resident without the permission of one of the bedroom’s residents and there shall be no sexual suggestion or contact between residents or between residents and any guest. No one is allowed on a floor other than their own unless accompanied by someone from that floor.

12.   You agree that your cell phone shall be answered with all due effort and speed each time the Owner or Manager is calling.  If you shut off your cell phone for purposes of a meeting or other engagement, you agree that all calls incoming from Owner or Manager shall merit top priority to any other call received, and shall be immediately responded to upon discovery.  In no event shall a call from Owner or Manager not be returned within two hours of placement, unless the message indicates there is no need to return it. 

13.     Lights and other electrical items must be turned off by a Resident when he leaves the room in which Resident was using same.   No one is to attempt to repair or alter any aspect of the House or Building or its premises unless authorized specifically by Owner or her Manager and then only to their specification.  

14.     All smoking is done outside the building at the picnic table or outside the lower lever laundry/under the 1st floor rear deck.  NO CIGARETTES THROWN ON THE GROUND.  NO SMOKING ON THE WOODEN REAR DECKS.  No more than five people may be on a back deck at any time.  Everyone is to keep their voices down when outside.  Cigarettes are extinguished only in the sand filled cans.   All cans are emptied regularly long before they become full.

15.     Quiet times in and outside the house are from 9:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. All functions performed during these hours are to be done with the utmost concern for quiet, no matter what the function may be.  

16.     Within 7 days of arrival, all Residents shall volunteer a minimum of 25 hours a week, or whatever other hours Owner or Manager directs,  at a volunteer position of their choice and approved by Owner.  This Rule does not apply if you are seeking work full-time, working more than 30 hours a week
or attending full-time vocational training or college or are not working due to injury or illness sufficiently disabling as determined by Owner or Manager.  Anyone seeking employment must be out looking for work from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. five days a week and must keep a written job diary setting forth the name of the business, contact name and phone number of each place to which application is made, which shall be handed in to the Manager each week.

17.     You are not a tenant and have no right to possession of the premises located at 809 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL.  Your only right to remain in the sober living home is by consent of the Owner or her Manager.  You also agree that you and all who are on or in the premises arising out of any relationship with you, will hold New Beginnings North, its Owner and her agents, harmless for any injury of any nature or kind suffered by you or by your invitee or other person in or on the premises arising out of some relation to you, while in or on the premises located at 809 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL.

18.     You are not allowed anything in the house or its premises other than your personal clothes and effects and food.  Any exceptions will require a written description of said item, with sufficient identifying information, sent to Owner via email for her written approval.  Further, all of Owner’s furnishings and decorative possessions will remain in the place they have been placed at all times, unless by direction of the Owner otherwise.   All unauthorized material found within New Beginnings North or the premises of the building at 809 W. Lawrence Ave. Chicago, IL, shall be subject to immediate disposal at any time and without notice.  DO NOT ATTACH ANYTHING TO THE WALLS OR OTHER SURFACES INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE BUILDING.  Doing so will result in you paying $250 in damages.

19.     You must sign in and out each time you leave or return to the house and indicate where you are going.

20.     No one is allowed to put their feet onto any upholstered furniture and a t-shirt with sleeves and shorts, at a minimum, shall be worn at all times while in or on the premises of the House.

21.     You agree to be randomly drug and/or alcohol tested at any time.  Any overnights you request requires you to pay a $10 fee to Owner before you leavefor your drug test upon returning.

22.     There are no refunds of any program fees or costs once paid.  

23.     You agree to a background check and hereby state that you have no felony warrants or sex offender charges or convictions.   You further agree to sign an Authorization for Release of Medical Records/Information at your intake into the House which shall be in full force and effect until you permanently move from the House.  Said Authorization shall remain in effect while you are a resident of New Beginnings North and for any period of time you are temporarily gone from New Beginnings North.

24.     Payment of the $850 monthly program fee is due on or before entry and is for a 30 day period. Thereafter, the program fee will be prorated for the second month which will be due and payable on your 31st day in the house.   By the third month and for each month thereafter $850 will be due on the 1st day of each month.  Failure to timely pay a program fee can result in immediate termination of your participation in New Beginnings North program and require you to leave.  A late fee of $25 per day shall be incurred and accumulate for so long as the program fee or late fees remain unpaid.  As with all House Rules, Owner retains the right to terminate your participation in New Beginnings North program immediately upon nonpayment of fees.  Owner retains the right to pursue you for all monies owed under this Agreement and you agree to pay all attorney fees and costs incurred by Owner.

25.     You agree the Program Rules may change from time to time and you hereby agree to abide by the rules in effect as per this website as well as future ones that may be added or changed or posted within the house or any communicated to you personally as New Beginnings North is established as a group home with rules required of each Resident to abide by for the benefit of himself, each other Resident, the Owner and the House.

26.     VIOLATION OF ANY RULE OF THE PROGRAM CAN RESULT IN YOU BEING REQUIRED BY OWNER or MANAGER TO IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE HOUSE.   When you leave the house, all of your possessions must be immediately removed or they will be disposed of within 24 hours.  If you contact us within 24 hours of your leaving, we will give you an additional 48 hours to make arrangements for pickup of your possessions.  In Owner's discretion, a fine may be assessed for a non-using violation of a Rule and said fine shall be paid within 24 hours to Owner.


1-2 weeks of clothing, a towel and personal toiletries,  and one week of groceries.
Community items, i.e., paper towels, shared condiments, etc. are designated by the Floor and paid for by a weekly contribution from each member of that floor. 
(Usually does not exceed $3-$5 contribution)


Any and all payments of any kind are to be made by electronic payment through Zelle or PayPal to Patrice Coine only @ 773-960-4379 or  No cash or personal checks accepted

We accept bank transfers (Zelle) and Paypal.   Paypal is free if your account is linked to a bank savings or checking account and sent through "Family and Friends".   If you need to pay with a credit or debit card, you can transfer money through Paypal.  There will be a fee incurred by such service and it shall be your responsibility to immediately pay the Owner any such fee.   All cash payments will be delivered to Owner at her place of residence.  Free Zelle bank transfers are done by:

1.    Going to one's online banking which offers Zelle
2.    Selecting "Transfer" 
3.    Inputting the phone number (773-960-4379) or email (  for the Owner, Patrice Coine,              the party to whom money is being sent.
4.    Inputting the dollar amount you wish to send.
5.    Select "send" or otherwise complete the transaction.

Note:  Bank transfers take 3-5 days to reach our account.  If you wish to pay the program fees by online transfer, please schedule same for 3-5 business days before the 1st of any month so that the late fees of NBN are not incurred.

By submitting an application,  I acknowledge I understand and agree to be bound by the New Beginnings North Program and House Rules and shall abide by any additional rules Owner or Manager adds to this website or posts in the House or personally communicates to me as if they were set forth herein.